The Book – Coming Soon!

The Book – Coming Soon!

Coming in the Fall of 2017

The Book: Captain Blue on the Blue Blazes

Imagine walking 1,444 miles with a backpack carrying the bare necessities of life, 26 maps, and a whole lot of grit. When three-time Appalachian Trail Hiker, Andy “Captain Blue” Niekamp decided to hike the Buckeye Trail, he took on the challenge of his life. On this journey, Captain Blue found things he didn’t know he had: a Buckeye Trail family who mentored, assisted, and encouraged him; a home state rich with heroes, history, and pride in the past and in the present; and the physical, mental, and emotional endurance to travel Ohio alone and on foot.

Any story about tenacity, perseverance, friendship, love, blind faith in humanity, personal resourcefulness, and a healthy dose of German stubbornness is a story worth telling.

Buckeye Trail hikers will relate to Captain Blue’s experiences in the elements: the cold, snow, wind, rain, heat, and humidity of early spring in Ohio; the physical test of walking for miles every day on a variety of tread ways; the unpredictability of nature; and the sincere generosity of strangers.
Hikers will enjoy the trail tales and reflections of Captain Blue, past and present, and his knack for bringing humor and good-natured reflection to a hiker’s mundane existence.

All readers will appreciate the literary theme of the hero’s journey—the ordinary person who, with the nurture of community, faces obstacles and challenge after challenge until the journey transforms the hero into someone extraordinary, someone who emerges better, stronger, and wiser.

Come along on this unforgettable journey with Captain Blue. Such a journey is within the grasp of us all.